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Ben Cooper

Associate Director

Ben’s early career as an employment relations officer has given him a strong belief in the importance and value of building quality long term relationships.

He invests time and energy in gaining an in-depth knowledge of his clients’ issues and organisational imperatives. He also has a well developed capacity to provide peace of mind for his clients by clearly articulating their legal risk and recommending practical options linked directly to the needs of the organisation. Ben is recognised for his ability to build trust with all those he engages with.


With a background in managing the interface between management, unions and employees on a wide range of industrial issues, Ben has built a sound reputation for delivering practical and workable solutions for his clients.

He has strengthened his credentials by providing effective support across a variety of professional and service industries including education, childcare, retail, nursing, hospitality and leisure, real estate and local government.

Ben provides proactive and pragmatic advice to his clients on a wide variety of matters including discipline, termination of employment, redundancy, discrimination and the development of workplace agreements. He helps his clients to develop and draft contracts, policies and procedures for a wide range of workplace applications. He also represents them before various State and Federal industrial and anti-discrimination tribunals.

Ben is also an experienced workplace investigator with an acknowledged track record of successfully completed investigations across a range of areas including allegations of misconduct, discrimination, bullying and harassment.

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Qualifications and Memberships


Australian Human Resources Institute

Queensland Industrial Relations Society

Ben is one of those rare individuals adept at juggling multiple projects with varying degrees of complexity while paying close attention to all the important details.