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Livingstones History

The growth and expansion of Livingstones over the past three decades has been the direct result of successfully helping organisations to engage effectively and develop capabilities to support their business objectives.  Our consultants, psychologists and advocates are acknowledged professionals who combine extensive specialist experience with an instinct for identifying issues and finding clever client specific solutions.

Livingstones was established in 1982 by renowned industrial relations specialist Roly Livingstone with much of the firm’s work in those days concentrated on watershed issues including the SEQEB dispute, Powers VEA, the national pilots’ dispute and seven day trading on the Gold Coast. The business grew, broadening the range of its services to include Human Resources and Organisational Development and moving twice before establishing itself in its current offices at 340 Adelaide Street.

In 1996, Livingstones employed its first graduates and in 2000, the first General Manager was appointed. Today Livingstones has grown to a team of 36 people, including 24 professional consultants working across its three core brand streams of Employment & Industrial Relations, Human Resources & Relationships and Organisational Advisors & Psychologists.  

As with most businesses, the technology supporting Livingstones services has undergone dramatic change in the past decade from one office computer with dial-up internet access in 1999 to the implementation of Microsoft Office 2010 and the utilisation of Cloud Computing with Citrix in 2010. Today, this technology platform also supports the delivery of many on-line services on offer to Livingstones clients.

In August 2011, Livingstones announced a major brand development initiative to streamline its services and firmly position Livingstones consultants as Performance Pilots. 

Livingstones acquired (MLQ) in 2014 an internationally recognised leading 360° and self assessment tool for the development of transformational leadership. We further developed and rebranded MLQ to MLQplus offering an enhanced suite of leadership tools and services.

To work towards our vision of a truly national presence, we opened up an office in Sydney CBD to better service our clients in the Eastern states.

In 2016, we developed our first publicly available Trusted Leader available which is available on the Appstore and GooglePlay.

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