Our Story

Our Story

You are only as good as your people. Livingstones has long recognised this powerful truth, building its reputation over the past thirty five years as one of Australia’s leading advisory groups providing the best people solutions possible. Today, Livingstones specialised services are organised and delivered to their clients via three pillars of value spanning every industrial relations, human resources and organisational development need.

We strive to create partnerships with our clients that build trust, provide confidence and most importantly, deliver value. Every member of the Livingstones team embraces the twin mantras of ‘listening for understanding’ and ‘solutions for every unique circumstance’. Our specialists also share an ‘Action Positive’ mindset and a sharp focus on practical outcomes that translate directly to timely and confident action. The commercial imperatives of our clients are well understood, as are all-important cultural considerations.

Our strengths, and the way we set ourselves apart from others, come from:

  • Looking at projects, issues and tasks holistically
  • Knowing what questions to ask and applying our extensive experience, proven methodologies and intellectual rigour in addressing those questions
  • Being up to date with the latest legislation, relevant research and at the forefront of current organisational trends
  • Understanding that every contact with the client has to add value.

Our integrated approach brings specialists from across the group to form service teams that offer the best combination of skills and experience for each specific client need, helping you navigate safely with clarity and confidence. This customised approach is defined in a code we call Livingstones Performance Navigation. It’s a discipline based on knowledge, integrity and trust, and every Livingstones consultant is a Performance Pilot.  

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