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Talent Management

It’s a truism that ‘People are not your most important asset. The right people are.’ Getting the best people in place, with the right skills, knowledge and motivation is critical to maximising the full potential of every organisation.

The dynamic and mobile nature of an increasingly global marketplace where demand for the best talent far exceeds supply has intensified the need for well developed expertise and effective strategies to acquire, develop, deploy, motivate and retain high quality employees. Livingstones psychologists are experienced in conducting in depth job analysis to establish the required competencies for the role.

Employing the wrong person into a high profile and high impact role can be a costly business with many human resource professionals indicating that it can cost 2-3 times an annual salary to rectify the situation. Livingstones psychologists can develop, in consultation with the organisation, a group of assessments that not only psychometrically assesses the candidates, but through the use of Behavioural Anchored Rating exercises is able to assess objectively the practical skill sets relevant to the job role or organisational requirements.

Integrating new employees (Onboarding) into an organisation and preparing them to be successful by assisting them to become fully engaged, productive members of the organisation as quickly as possible has been found to be important for all new employees, regardless of the level of role they assume in the organisation. At Livingstones, we utilise startabilit®, which helps organisations have new employees fully productive within the first 90 days.