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Human Resource Management

No matter where you are in the evolution of your organisation, Livingstones Consultants bring a perspective that adds significant value in growing and sustaining capabilities and performance. We start each project and each task with a firm commitment to asking the right questions, listening carefully to your answers and quickly responding with solutions that align with your purpose, values and strategic intentions.

We know that the ‘soft’ stuff is the hard stuff so we assist you in giving it the attention it deserves. At the leadership level, we are experienced and adept in helping you to give shape to the organisation’s culture. This provides the basis on which to build the best foundation, grow all the right performance ingredients and sustain them over the long term.

We can help you to become an industry leader and role model by thinking differently, ensuring your people are empowered and motivated, and that your long term focus influences every people decision. Behind the high level strategic human resource considerations, lies a raft of procedural, behavioural and transformational enablers including frameworks, human resource systems, methodologies and policies.

Like a ship’s navigator, Livingstones Consultants use these instruments to chart a course fostering productive personal and organisational relationships that get your organisation to its intended destination. Outlined here are just some of the Human Resource Management functions where we can deliver real and measurable value for our clients.

Induction is the means by which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours to become effective members of your organisation. Initiatives used in this process include formal meetings, lectures, videos, printed materials, or computer-based orientations to introduce newcomers to their new jobs. Research confirms that employees who have been introduced to their job via an effective induction program are more committed to their organisation, deliver better performance and have higher levels of job satisfaction. These outcomes are particularly important for organisations looking for a sustainable competitive advantage against the headwinds encountered by an increasingly mobile workforce. Livingstones Consultants have all the experience and expertise to tailor an effective induction program for your organisation.

Effective Job Design and accurate Position Descriptions aligned to individual Performance Agreements and Career Development Plans are an integral part of all effective Human Resource Management systems. We provide everything you need to craft quality formal documentation that is integrated with the broader business goals and objectives and ensures clarity of individual roles, relationships, accountabilities, targets and decision-making authorities.

Carefully designed Remuneration arrangements and Incentive Schemes based on performance criteria like overall company performance, individual productivity and contribution, and commitment to the organisation’s values are a powerful enabler in achieving peak levels of individual and team performance.  We can provide the necessary insights and guidance to ensure you have the very best arrangements in place to recognise and reward excellence.

Organisational reviews involve a comprehensive review of the organisation’s operations, structures and staff management systems and processes. The process comprehensively identifies the interdependence of the critical elements that influence an organisation’s effectiveness.

Workplace Policies and Procedures are the foundation stones for a harmonious and high-performing workforce. Well written policies document the formal rules and guidelines organisations have for managing the employment relationship between the employer and their workforce. Effective policies can have a significant impact on orienting employees towards the goals of the organisation as well as eliminating any misunderstanding about the rights and obligations of both parties.