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Human Resources & Relationships

Successful business is fundamentally about people, relationships, communication and decisions. This is what drives the performance of every business, so maximising the potential of your people to achieve peak performance is a proven pathway to competitive advantage in the marketplace.

When your people are quick to see opportunity, are resilient during times of change, are trained to handle crises competently, and take the initiative in learning new skills, it places your organisation in the strongest possible position in today’s fast paced and rapidly changing world. Our highly experienced and committed Human Resources & Relationships team leverages the knowledge and skills on hand from across Livingstones, delivering practical outcomes that best suit every client need, no matter how complex.

A specific set of methodologies to facilitate insight, growth, awareness and self development in individuals or groups.

An examination or evaluation of data and facts to uncover or understand cause-effect relationships, thus providing a basis for problem solving and decision making.

The activity of determining the workflow, resource needs, and implementation requirements for a particular process.

An organised activity that involves the acquisition of knowledge, sharpening of skills, concepts and rules.