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Enterprise Bargaining

Enterprise Bargaining is a major service area within the Livingstones Employment and Industrial Relations team. The scope of this work covers benchmarking research, strategy development, project management, negotiations, facilitation, lodgement and approval of Enterprise Agreements.

We are well equipped to assist in reaching appropriate and effective Enterprise Agreements at your workplace. This assistance is based on sound knowledge and practical consideration of your specific workplace circumstances so work on your behalf is always structured with finesse, flexibility and the sharpest possible focus on commercial considerations.

As with all our consulting arrangements, Livingstones clients can choose the level of involvement and representation they require with options ranging from strategy development and oversight to direct involvement in negotiations on your behalf, including leading and facilitating the negotiations. We also provide bargaining committee training.

Industry benchmarking and analysis of economic outlook data are just some examples of where we can help to inform smart decision-making and generate excellent outcomes.