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Awards & Statutory Obligations

There are many risks that may result from getting things wrong in this critically important area of your business. They include loss of business reputation, financial loss in the form of penalties and operational distractions.

Livingstones has developed highly effective services and proven strategies to assist clients to deal with remuneration matters, workplace audits and wage claims. We roll up our sleeves and get deeply involved in dealing with every aspect of managing your statutory and Award obligations. Our highly trained and experienced industrial relations specialists are familiar with the impact these obligations have in various industries and operating environments.

We’ll provide proactive solutions in a variety of ways. We make sense of Awards and show you which Awards cover your business. Most importantly, we explain what they mean. We can also audit your employment records to ensure compliance with the relevant industrial instruments and legislation, thereby minimising the potential for a wages claim. As part of this service, we’ll review your employees’ duties to determine their correct classifications and rates of pay and examine records in order to determine any unforeseen liabilities.

Your Livingstones Consultant not only helps make sense of Awards and statutory obligations but converts complex provisions and language into plain English for clearer understanding and better decision making. We’ll help you become familiar with what’s important, and take care of what’s not.

 We’ll also help you with questions like:

  • Which classifications cover my employees under the relevant Award and what are the appropriate wage rates for those classifications?
  • What ordinary hours can be worked?
  • What penalty rates, overtime rates and allowances are payable?
No matter how complex the matter, our goal is to make it easy and convenient for you.

Award subscription service:
  • Our award supply and wage sheet subscription service provides an invaluable lifeline for your organisation – especially your payroll administrator.
  • Your subscription enables you to call us for phone support on interpreting how your employees are to be paid under the appropriate Award.
  • As updates to Awards are published, we promptly provide ‘alert’ emails to inform subscribers of issues that may affect their employees covered by an Award.

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