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Isaac Baker


Isaac has a thorough understanding of the science of human behaviour to create effective, specialised interventions to solve complex people problems. Isaac is able to contribute unique, data-driven insights that challenge thinking and traditional options to solve important and persistent workplace problems through the application of his data analytic and research methods expertise.

Isaac’s data-driven thinking is complemented by his eye for detail, relentlessness in achieving client outcomes, and a genuine interest in connecting with the human-side of business. This approach allows him to get to the root cause of business challenges and find a people-focused way forward with employees and customers.

How and why people experience their work environment and make decisions, both consciously and unconsciously, presents opportunities for Isaac to draw upon his behavioural sciences expertise to discover powerful insights and pathways for improving organisational performance.

Isaac balances a scientific and common-sense approach to understand and inform commercial strategies to nudge and influence organisational behaviour. With capacity to evaluate and influence behaviours of both employees and customers, he can lift the integrity and validity of interventions across the organisational and human resource landscape.

Isaac works across the Livingstones suite of services to adopt a data-driven approach to inform culture diagnostics, behaviour change, and improved individual, team, and organisational decision-making to drive business performance. This translates to an inimitable strength in delivering psychometric assessments, employee experience evaluations, and behavioural observation techniques to inform better decisions through valid behavioural insights.

Whether it is deciding the most valuable psychometric measures to predict job performance, training employees to make better decisions, attracting and influencing customers, or the improving user experience that promotes accuracy of data entry, contact Isaac to help inform business decisions that depend on the decisions your people make.

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Qualifications and Memberships

PhD in Behavioural Sciences(in progress),

BA (hons), BSc,

MLQplus Accredited Practitioner
Australian Psychological
Society, American
Psychological Association

I balance a scientific and common-sense approach to understand and inform commercial techniques and influence organisational behaviour