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What cheesed me off over the festive period?

Posted on by Cheryl-Anne Laird

Welcome to 2018, it is my hope that everyone had a wonderful festive season. Many people find the festive season a bit of a challenge and become annoyed at a plethora of different things. Although I don’t want to start a “what cheeses me off” blog, I do want to share with you the one reason that I was “cheesed off” over the festive season.

I was taking a lovely drive in the country, air-con on to deal with the punishing heat, puppy in the back napping, and picnic lunch in the esky – could things get any better? Apparently they can as I was also listening to news radio (yes, I am that old).  The segment that cheesed me off was one about the use of consultants. An academic was proffering his view about the use of consultants, particularly in the public sector. His view was, in summary, that consultants, without exception are more interested in looking for the next paying job or making as much money out of the current job that they can than they are in doing a good job. Further, he asserted that a consultant could never take an independent view of anything because they are inherently self interested ….. Oh my, I used some words that I won’t share with you and it is best my mother never finds out I know.

On behalf of all consultants and in particular Livingstones I was flabbergasted and flummoxed, if I wasn’t driving I probably would have stomped my feet. But common sense prevailed, stomping on either of the pedals in my automatic car is not good road etiquette and besides I didn’t want to wake the puppy.

So, in case you too were listening to the radio at the same time and were also exposed to this claptrap let me assure you that this biased view is simply wrong and fails to acknowledge that for many consultants, Livingstones being one of them, providing the best imaginable service possible and building long term relationships is the primary aim. Any business person will tell you that the best business is repeat business and this particular academic either believes that those who engage consultants have mush for brains and won’t notice what their consultants are doing (or not doing) or won’t care or alternatively he thinks that those who engage consultants don’t value quality outcomes and independence.

I have had my New Year rant. I have never had a client who had “mush for brains” or who did not care about quality outcomes. In fact, it has been my pleasure to work collaboratively with clients in both the public and private sectors who use consultants strategically and demand only quality outcomes. I and my colleagues are either blessed beyond belief with our client base or that academic should get out into the real world and see what really goes on. He also should give those who engage consultants credit for being able to tie their shoes and make sound business decisions for the benefit of their organisations and not for the benefit of the coffers of these alleged manipulative consultants.

Here’s to 2018 and getting what cheeses me off – off my chest and allowing me to use, in this blog, only language which my mother would approve of.

Written by Cheryl-Anne Laird

Cheryl-Anne Laird

Cheryl-Anne has positioned herself as a confident and trusted advisor. Cheryl-Anne has built an enviable reputation for her energy and commitment to quality and value. She believes passionately that building strong long term relationships, and becoming part of the issue resolution process, is the best path to excellent client outcomes. Beyond work, Cheryl-Anne loves to travel, enjoys reading, live theatre, trying new restaurants and spending quality time with friends and family.

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