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Finalist in the 2017 APS Workplace Excellence Awards

Posted on by Cheryl-Anne Laird

Livingstones are proud to have been selected as Finalist in the  Australian Psychology Society (APS) Workplace Excellence Awards in partnership with the DSITI for their IT Graduate Development Program.

Livingstones worked with the Queensland Government Chief Information Office (QGCIO) to deliver a 2 year IT Graduate program that focused on developing graduate confidence and their ability to integrate well into their workplace and discover their personality type and work style.

The program is designed to accelerate graduate development with the following focus areas:

  • Personally, enable them to secure permanent roles and do so with skills and confidence to achieve successful careers in Queensland Government and the ICT industry
  • Professionally, rapidly acquire relevant knowledge, skills and abilities to increase their performance and productivity in their roles both individually and as team members
  • Community contribution, reduce time required to deliver value for their agency and the Queensland community, increasing sense of value

As part of the 2-year program, Livingstones were engaged to deliver a progressive and structured learning program involving 6 sessions with highly interactive tailor-made experiences to enhance graduate effectiveness in work and life. The program was designed to fulfill the areas of need identified of the QGCIO.

We have been selected as finalists in the award category –  ‘Performance Capability and Development’ which recognises our effective delivery of early technical, teamwork and leadership capabilities to employees through cutting-edge workshops and training experiences.

Written by Cheryl-Anne Laird

Cheryl-Anne Laird

Cheryl-Anne has positioned herself as a confident and trusted advisor. Cheryl-Anne has built an enviable reputation for her energy and commitment to quality and value. She believes passionately that building strong long term relationships, and becoming part of the issue resolution process, is the best path to excellent client outcomes. Beyond work, Cheryl-Anne loves to travel, enjoys reading, live theatre, trying new restaurants and spending quality time with friends and family.

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