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We are employment relationship advisors who provide employers with an extensive range of specialist services across the three areas of Industrial Relations, Human Resources and Organisational Development.

You are only as good as your people.

Strong people performance is an essential element of all effective organisations. Livingstones has long recognised this powerful truth, building its reputation over the past thirty years as one of Australia’s leading advisory groups providing people solutions.

Recent Updates

4 leadership behaviours that actually have an impact on productivity

October 19, 2017
Austin Chu

Having been tasked with writing my first ever blog, I did what most millennials would do: Google.  After a few searches from “How do I write a blog” to refinements such as  “How to lead others”, I was inundated with … read more

Workplace Investigations – Standards of Proof and Evidence

October 03, 2017
John McKenzie

At some point in time most Managers and HR professionals will be required to investigate an incident or allegation occurring in the workplace. Workplace investigations often involve sensitive and complex circumstances, such as allegations  of bullying and harassment or discrimination. … read more

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Effective Disciplinary Action - June 2018
June 21, 2018
Workplace Investigation Skills - October 2018
October 25, 2018
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