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We are employment relationship advisors who provide employers with an extensive range of specialist services across the three areas of Industrial Relations, Human Resources and Organisational Development.

You are only as good as your people.

Strong people performance is an essential element of all effective organisations. Livingstones has long recognised this powerful truth, building its reputation over the past thirty years as one of Australia’s leading advisory groups providing people solutions.

Livingstones Blog

June 30, 2016
Blake Redding

What is culture? How do we measure it? What does it take to change it? As a lover...

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Livingstones News

Livingstones featured in PNG newspapers

May 06, 2016

Senior Consultants Heidi Nemme and Chris Penny recently delivered our award winning Trusted Leader program to Twenty-five Air Niugini leaders in PNG. These leaders are now equipped with the knowledge, strategies and practical techniques needed to...

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SYDNEY CBD - MLQplus Accreditation
July 25, 2016
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